Childproofing the house is a huge task. Babies are adventurous. They don’t know what a hazard is! They also don’t know that their mommies are suffering mini heart-attacks every minute.

They just want to climb on things and jump from things. Safety is a not a word in their dictionary. But it is in ours. And that is why we do everything we can to keep our babies safe. As a new mommy, I know how it feels when the baby starts walking and then running.

Oh my god!

Boy, was I furious with my husband for buying a house with stairs and so many rooms! Though I was the one who fell in love with the house in the first place, that is not something you consider when you are tired of running around after your toddler.

So, as an obvious option, we went ahead and decided to get a baby gate. Then came the question – how do we choose the best baby gate? And that question started the extensive research.


Types of Baby Gates

Trust me, finding baby gates is no child’s play.

There are so many of them. They can be wooden, metal or made of plastic. Then there are factors to be considered and mounting place like even surface, stairs, doorways etc. each type has their own pros and cons too. It took us 3 days of constant research to figure all this out. Basically, there are 2 types:

  1. Hardware-mounted gates
  2. Pressure-mounted gates


  1. Hardware-mounted gates

Hardware-mounted baby gates are considered best for stairs. According to the statistics, every 6 minutes a child is treated for a stairs-related injury in the USA. Don’t want to be one of them, do we?

Hardware-mounted gates attach to the wall frame securely. The gates have a bracket that needs to be installed in the door frame or the frame behind the wall which secures the gate in place. The mounting make sure the gate does not fall over. The hardware-mounted gates are considered the most secure.

  1. Pressure-mounted gates

The pressure-mounted baby gates use pressure to secure the gate between two walls or surfaces. These gates use an expandable spring system which creates a pressure to hold the gate in place. The ends have rubber pieces that create pressure on sides. They can be toppled easily and that is why pressure-mounted gates are not recommended for stairs. Such baby gates are best for doorways and flat surfaces.

Whichever gate you choose, always make sure it has been certified for safety.


The best baby gate for your house

Usually, the doorway size is pretty standard but it is still better to measure the area where you want to install the baby gate. These dimensions will be your guideline while buying the gate.

  1. Evenflo Easy Walk Thru – The Best Top of Stairs Baby Gate

The Evenflo is at the top of our list for some really great reasons.

The Evenflo Easy Walk Thru gate does not have a bottom rail and so it is supposed to be mounted on top of the stairs. But this design proves to be versatile. It can be fixed on top of stairs, the bottom of the stairs, doorways or hallways. It works fine everywhere.


The gate is 30 inches tall but it can be mounted 2”-3” above the floor to give it a height coverage of 33”. The width also expands. It has a width of 29 inches which can be increased to a maximum of 42 inches.


The door lock handle is pretty easy to use and can be operated by one hand by an adult. But after a few tries. It is not a straightforward one. But that is the beauty of the gate. It is too complicated for a 3-year-old to figure out how to open it.

Your toddler will be safe.

Speaking of locks, it is a very interesting one. It has a red/green indicator which indicates if the gate is properly locked or not. Once the gate is properly locked in place, the light turns red. So if the light is green, it means the gate is unlocked.

Set up

The gate is a hardware-mounted type and uses two screws on each side for permanent mounting on any surface be it drywall or wood. The gate opens both sides so you can fix it left-hand side or right-hand side. The gate opens easily with one hand which is perfect for holding the baby in the other hand.

The gate comes with a swing-stop bar which prevents the gate from swinging over the steps.

Make sure you are mounting the gate on a sturdy surface like a wall, or thick door frame. The banister also has to be firm and sturdy. Before placing the gate in its place, check all the rails and attachments. Every part of the Evenflo baby gate should be properly attached. If you find any loose or damaged part, replace immediately.

Once the gate has been inspected properly, place it in the middle of the opening you want the gate to be fixed. Make sure it is in the center and in a straight line. Then first drill a hole in the wall and attach the mounting bracket on the wall or frame. Now screw the hinge bracket into the mounting surface.

Now slide the hinges side of the gate into the hinge bracket until it sits comfortably in its place. Once that side is done, go to the other end of the gate and slide the latch mechanism in its place. Make sure it snaps in its place properly.

Swing the gate close and check everything before letting your kid anywhere near the gate.


You can use a soft cloth for cleaning but never use an abrasive one. Metal and plastic parts can be wiped clean with a damp cloth first and then with a dry cloth. You can clean the rest of the gate with mild soap and warm water. Be sure to dry it completely before using. To reduce wear and tear, you can put a drop of vegetable oil in the working parts.


  • Very easy to install
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Red/Green indicator for open and close indication
  • Wood finish


  • The width cannot be expanded

Why we love it

It is sturdy, durable, does its job fantastically and swings in both directions. What else is there? This baby gate does everything. It keeps your baby safe and that is what matters the most.

Buy it: Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Top of Stairs Gate,


  1. Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate – The Best Baby Gate for Stairs with Banisters

The Regalo gate is sturdy and durable because it has been made from steel. Steel as a metal has a life of decades. As this is a pressure-mounted model, there is no scare of damaging the walls. Not everyone is a handy tool guy. Hardware mounting can get tricky at times and damage the door frame or wall.



The gate is 31 inches tall and though the height cannot be modified, the width can sure be. There is an extension kit available. The kit can adjust the gate from openings of 29” up to 40”. The gate, as well as the extension, has a powder-coated finish which is completely non-toxic. The gate meets the ASTM standards and is completely dependable.

It is important!


The gate is versatile regarding usage too. It works on children just fine but works equally well on pets too. The gate has a single-lever handle which is easy to operate but safe at the same time.

Just pull the spring lock away from the latch and at the same time lift the latch lever upwards. This will release the gate from the frame. To close the gate, push the door completely and then push down the lever to secure the gate.

Set up

Installation is a breeze. There are 4 independently modifiable pressure mounts. Once installed properly it provides a stable frame. The model also has an extension kit.

For installation, rotate the adjustment wheels in the in the spindle rods. Once that is done, thread the spindles into the ends of the gate. Now your gate is ready for fixing. Position it properly in the opening and tighten the threaded spindle rods until the rubber foot touches the wall or door frame.

Before tightening the rods to the fullest check the positioning once again. There are wall mounts available so if you want to screw it, you can. You can screw the wall cups in the wall or frame and install the gate as I have described above.

It is equally easy to remove it. There is just one drawback. The gate opens only one way. So it can become inconvenient sometimes when you are carrying the baby and have to open it from the other side.


Keep checking the parts for damage, missing parts or wear and tear. It is essential to replace those parts with new ones. Also, the gate can be cleaned with a non-abrasive sponge, mild soap and warm water. Check regularly if the gate is tightened or not.


  • Easy to install and disassemble
  • 2 extension pieces come with the gate
  • Also works on pets
  • Pressure-mounted model
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Made of powder-coated steel


  • The door does not open two ways

Why we love it

It does not drill a hole into the wall. Unless you want the gate on the stairs, there is no requirement of damaging the wall or door frame. Pressure mounting is enough to hold the toddler.

Buy it: Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate,


  1. “Easy Swing & Lock Gate” by North States – The Best Baby Gate for Standard or Wider Stairways


The Easy Swing and Lock Gate by North States is one of the top-rated and the best one we came across during our search for a baby gate.

It has been designed with versatility in mind. It provides both – functionality and aesthetic value. This model is a wall-mounting one with 4 independent mounting brackets. The build is sturdy and has a light swing.


With the hinges along the wall, you can open it to the full width of the hallway. It becomes so convenient when you are carrying something heavy in your hands. The Easy Swing and Lock Gate by North States can be mounted anywhere – door frame, stairs, hallway, and other areas. That is possible because of its super wide design. This gate is able to extend up to 48 inches. So if you have a weirdly sized opening but not wide enough to buy an extra wide gate, this is your savior.

Impressive, isn’t it?

The design is minimalistic. It will never get into your everyday routine. The straight-line and matte finish ensures it matches the décor of any kind of house. The gate also prevents tripping hazards because there is no threshold in the base. The floor is even and clean. So no danger there.


The latch is quite safe and secure. It locks properly and is very easy to use. It can be operated easily with one hand. You just have to press the latch button down with the thumb and at the same time lift the spindle out of the bracket. Now pull or push the gate to open it.

Closing is also no biggie. Just swing it in place and verify that the latches are securely in place.

Set up

Firstly, measure your opening and dismantle the assembly fittings on the gate. Now readjust the width according to the wide area you have. Once your desired width is achieved, screw the gate frames together by re-inserting the screws. Minimum allowable overlap is 2 bars.

Now fit the hardware into the surface where you want to secure the gate. Attach the hinges and the gate and then start with the latch spindles on the opposite side.


Because your kid is going to be in contact with the gate, you have to clean it regularly. There are a lot of chances that your toddler will try to chew the gate. But cleaning does not mean usage of harsh cleaners. Just soft sponge, mild detergent and warm water would suffice. Don’t rub too much, it will scratch the gate.


  • Comes pre-assembled with the mounting package
  • Easy one-hand opening
  • Minimalistic design
  • Customisable extra-wide sides
  • No threshold, so no stubbed toes


  • The stop is plastic and not as sturdy as the rest of the gate

Why we love it

It is light, removable, sturdy and decorative. It has a matte finish so that it looks all contemporary and trendy. It solves the threshold problem too. Apart from some plastic parts, there is nothing about this gate which can be called a disadvantage. Even the parts are not that big an issue if maintained properly.

Buy it: “Easy Swing & Lock Gate” by North States,



  1. Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate – The Best No Drill Top of Stairs Baby Gate

Many parents prefer extra tall gates so that they don’t have to bend down too much while opening and closing the gate.


The Summer Infant is 34 inches tall. It has a curved design on the gate, so all-in-all at its highest portion, it is 36 inches tall. Even the maximum width is 48”, so it is wide too. But for extra-tall people like my husband who just like to climb over the gate, this can be a huge con. Because nobody can climb over this one.

This gate does not swing both ways but has a stop bracket which is reversible. The gate can also be mounted in both ways. You can pressure mount it or hardware mount it. It is really great.


One of the best features of this gate is not its height. It is its auto-lock system. Yes, no more turning around to check that the gate is closed. This model just swings shut and locks automatically.

And it is the easiest locking system we witnessed during our baby gate research. For opening the gate, you just have to press the lock tab towards a release for the gate to open. The automatic lock feature activates when you open the gate at least 90 degrees before shutting it.

Set up

According to the company, you can use it on the stairs or on even floor. If you are using the gate at the top of stairs you can screw it. On doorways, you can simple pressure-mount it. But it has a bottom bar which carries a tripping hazard. And personally, I would not recommend this using on the stairs.

If you want to mount it on the top of stairs, screw the wall cups in place before installing the gate. Make sure the bottom cups touch the floor and the top cups are 33” above the bottom ones.

After the wall cups are in place, attach the gate or the extension through the pins and screws given. If the gate does not close properly after installation, there could be 2 reasons. Either the tension is too high and needs adjustment. Or the gate is not properly aligned with the frame of the gate. In that case, you will have to de-pressurize the gate and re-install it.


Keep checking the tension bolts regularly because it is too easy to be frivolous when things are automatic. And who can forget the lack of sleep 24/7? But that is how accidents happen. And this is about your kid.

If you want to clean the gate, just use mild soap and warm water on the surface.


  • Extra tall up to 36 inches
  • Extra wide and can extend up to 48 inches
  • Can be pressure or hardware mounted
  • Has auto-lock system
  • Reversible stop bracket


  • The door does not swing both ways
  • Has a bottom bar which means tripping hazard

Why we love it

It provides extra security and gives you a year or so more. The height of the gate will ensure you do not have to change the gate after your child starts climbing around. Plus the auto lock system is too good when you have been managing stuff at all ends simultaneously. It is one less thing to think about.

Buy it: Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate,


  1. Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate – The Best Extra Wide Baby Gate

Sometimes you need to keep your toddler in an unusual space. Now imagine making a temporary playpen in the hall where you can keep an eye on him/her. In that situation, you need extra wide gates. But nothing fits.


Well, I have a solution for that. You can buy the Regalo Extra Wide Gate which can span up to 58 inches.


It can also double as a doorway gate because you can reduce the width as low as 29 inches. Made of steel, the gate is quite durable and sturdy. It is an all-steel model. No use of PVC in manufacturing. That is one point I deem necessary in every gate because my kid really fancies chewing on the gate.


The locking mechanism is also very easy to handle. It is easy for adults to handle, but the sneaky toddlers will fumble around all day without any luck.

You just pull the spring lock away from the latch lever and at the same time lift the lever upwards. This will free the door from the gate frame. Now you can push or pull open the door.

To shut the door, you need to push the latch lever in the spring lock t completely latch it on. Be sure to check that the gate is completely secured before you move away from it.

Set up

This baby gate is a pressure mounted model so it won’t bore holes in your wall and you can move it to any room you want. Baby gate in a hall is never a permanent setup.


So pressure-mounted is the best option. Once installed properly, the gate does not budge even when the children pull or bang on it. Now, that is the kind of sturdy I like.

Installation is just like any other pressure-mounted gate. Very easy, just takes 30 minutes to do it properly. As usual, you need to thread the adjustment wheels into the spindle rods. Now insert these 4 spindle rods in the four holes at the corners of the gate.

Once you have decided on the general placement of the gate and are sure about it, tighten the spindle rods so that the rubber foot touches the wall at each end. As you tighten the upper spindle, you will notice that the gap between the frame and the latch gets narrow. Just as the inner wall of the locking latch and the frame touch each other, stop tightening.

There are wall cups available with the gate which you can screw to the wall if you want. especially if you are using it on the stairs. But, it is a pressure-mounted model and has a bar at the bottom. 2 essential reasons why you should not use it on stairs.


Check the gate periodically for signs of damage, wear and tear and missing parts. Replace every damaged or missing part and check the tightening of the gate. For cleaning the gate, you can sponge it with mild soap and warm water. Do not use bleach or cleaner. Do not scratch.


  • Three extensions of 6”, 8” and 12” available with the gate
  • Made of steel
  • The locking system is really good
  • Attached through 4 pressure mounted spindle rods


  • Opens only one way

Why we love it

The gate meets the safety standards and has a warranty of 90 days. We felt there are a lot of plus points to this one. Yes, it does not open both ways but it is workable. I don’t think that should be a deal breaker.


Buy it: Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate,



  1. Regalo Deluxe Easy Step Extra Tall Gate – The Best High Baby Gate

This gate has it all. A nice locking system, extra high and durable steel body. there is no work around this gate for babies or for pets. Even if your baby is fond of climbing things, this gate is not going to give up.


The extra tall Regalo baby gate stands high at 41 inches. Of course, you will not be able to climb over it ever! But on the other hand, you baby is completely safe inside. The width fits from 29 inches to 38 inches easily but that is made possible by adding the extensions. So you will not be able to fit it in a space of 34-35 inches.


The gate has a pretty good locking system. After fumbling for a couple of times, you can get the hang of it. But it is too difficult for a baby to figure out. For opening the gate, you need to pull the spring lock away from the latch and then release the latch from the gate frame by lifting the lock lever upwards.

The gate does not have an auto shut system so you will need to close the door properly and then push the lock lever to re-engage the locking system. It is better to double check because there are no light indications that tell you if the gate is locked or not.

Set up

This gate is too versatile. It can be pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted. Depending upon your place, you can decide whether you want to screw it or not. Setting it up is not a big task. It comes assembled already. You just have to mount it on your doorway or hallway.

First, you need to thread the adjustment wheel into the spindle rod and then put the spindle rod in the holes at four corners of the gate. Before tightening the adjustment wheel, check the placement of your gate. It should be straight and in the center of your opening. Once you are satisfied with the placement, rotate the adjustment wheels away from the rubber foot.

Tightening the upper sides are a little tricky. Make sure that the lock and door frame do not touch each other but at the same time are not more than 2 inches apart. Tightening to the last line is not advisable. Most of the time, the gate does not work properly because of high tension. When you want to remove your gate, just unscrew the adjustment wheel and take off the gate.

If you decide to hardware mount the gate, draw circles around the perimeter of the rubber feet. Now take off the gate and use the drawn circles as a guide for screwing the wall cups in the wall. Now install the gate in the newly installed wall cups.


The gate is sturdy and durable. But you will need to keep checking it periodically. If you see any damaged, missing or worn parts, don’t let it be just like that. Keep in mind this is for your kid’s safety. Replace all the necessary parts as and when required. Also, make sure the mounting and all the hardware are tightened at all times. the coating is delicate, so do not use abrasive or harsh cleaning agents like bleach. Just sponge it using warm water and mild detergent.


  • Very tall at 41 inches
  • Can be extended up to 38 inches
  • Easy to operate locking system
  • Made of steel
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Does not have an auto-latching system
  • Moves only one way

Why we love it

Tall gates are best when your child is growing up at the speed of lightning. At least, that’s what I feel. So with extra height, the gate will last a year more than usual. Worth the investment. And of course, it’s versatility is topmost.

Buy it: Regalo Deluxe Easy Step Extra Tall Gate, Black,


  1. Kidco Safeway Gate – The Best Top of Stairs Baby Gate

The Kidco Safeway baby gate is the top-rated stair gate. It deserves its place because it has been specifically designed to sit at the top of the stairs and gel in the interiors. But at the same time, kids hate it.

Don’t worry, that’s a good thing. It means they can’t work around, climb or open it.


The Kidco gate has no bar at the bottom so no danger of tripping and falling. Its hardware mounting structure can be fixed at any flat, sturdy surface like walls or even railings. The height of the baby gate is usual 31 inches and the basic width is 25 inches. It can be further extended up to 44 inches which are not bad at all.

To match all kinds of interior requirements, the gates come in 2 colors – black and white.


The locking mechanism is quite efficient, though not the smart one. You don’t get an auto-lock system with this one. To open the gate, press the latch with the thumb and lift the gate out of the top and bottom brackets. It sounds complicated, but trust me you can do this with just one hand.

To lock the gate, the top latch should click in the top bracket and the bottom spindle should come to a rest against the bottom bracket. If you don’t hear the click sound, it is not locked properly.

Set up

The Kidco gate has a one direction hinge mechanism which prevents the ate from opening on the stairs. According to your stair setting, you can reverse the mechanism. It swings in only one direction which is good in this case. Here, the gate has to be stopped from swinging over the stairs.  But at the bottom of the stairs, you only get a one-way opening.

The gate can be fixed at an odd angle too. And it is really helpful. Because not all houses have the opening to fit the gate as it is. That is a major positive point for this gate. You might want to use your own screws for mounting this gate though. The screws that come as a part of the gate are very short and shallow. They don’t have enough hold and ultimately you will end up stripping them almost immediately. But don’t worry, drywall screws work just fine as a replacement.

The gate comes with a Kidco install kit and it takes just about 30 minutes to install the gate. All the hardware gets tucked close to the wall which means you lose almost no width space.


The main gate is made of all metal but the hardware is plastic. There are chances they will break under pressure. Also, the swing stopper is not that thick. It does its work alright but the durability is not that great. So you have to keep checking the parts regularly and see if the gate closes properly. If you notice any uneven or cracked parts, replace them immediately. Especially if your toddler has a knack for hanging on the gates.


  • One-way opening for avoiding stair mishaps
  • No bottom bar
  • Made of lead-free metal
  • Can be adjusted at an odd angle too
  • Lightweight and compact
  • No compromise on width space


  • Does not have an auto-locking mechanism
  • Screws are lightweight and short

Why we love it

The gate attaches to the wall or even a banister. It just has to be even. And of course, whatever the angle is, the gate stays. Does not take time in installation and works properly for a long time. What is there not to love?

Just use your own screws and you are set.

Buy it: Kidco Safeway Gate, Top of Stairs Gate,


  1. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Gate and Play Yard, 4-In-1 – The Widest Baby Gate

Whether you need a play yard for your child or want to keep him/her out of harm’s way, this 4-in-1 extra wide Regalo gate is your answer. It is so multipurpose, nothing else comes close. You can create a safety grill around the fireplace, make an 8” play area for the toddler to stay inside or divide the room halfway.


The Regalo 4-In-1 Metal Play Yard is 28 inches tall and can expand up to 192 inches. It comes with 8 removable panels which measure 24 inches each. According to your set up, you can create an enclosed play space for your kid measuring up to 19 square feet.

The construction is all steel which makes it durable and sturdy. As a metal steel has a long life and the coating gives it even more years. The gate is completely PVC free and meets ASTM standards of safety which is essential for any baby product you buy for your child.

The panels are all independently detachable so you can convert it into a hardware-mounted gate any time you want. Move it around the house with ease because it is very light. It is a collapsible design so that storage also becomes an easy job.


The gate has a simple slide locking system which is operable by one hand. So if you are carrying something in your hands, most probably the baby, you can close and open the gate without any problem.

You have to pull the slide lock backward so that the metal latch is free of the lock. Then the metal latch can be lifted to free open the gate door. To close the door, when you drop the metal lift latch in its proper place, the slide lock will automatically come back in its position.

Set up

There are many ways to install the gate because there are many uses of the gate.

Turn the locking knobs at each pivoting joint counter clock-wise to loosen. This will let the gate swing freely. Now screw the wall mounting brackets into the wall. Now arrange the panels according to your requirement and tight the knobs again.

If you want to use your gate as an enclosure for the child, loosen the knobs at each pivot joint. Now, release the vertical metal bars at each end of the panel. According to your desired configuration, place the free ends of each panel together at the plastic joints. Insert the removed pivot bars into each of these joined openings. Now assemble the vertical locking knobs and tighten them to fix the playpen.

It is also possible to dismantle the whole thing and flatten it to store. Loosen all the locking knobs and remove one of the vertical tubes. Now pull apart the plastic joints and fold the entire unit into a flat portion.


Check the gate regularly to make sure all the parts are tightened properly and there are no damaged or missing parts. Clean by using a soft cloth with mild detergent and warm water. Do not use any strong cleaner on the gate.


  • Multipurpose structure
  • Expandable up to 192 inches
  • Can be made into an enclosed play area
  • Walk-through door


  • No automatic locking system
  • No indication in case gate is unlocked or not properly set

Why we love it

It has so many uses, the versatility really impressed me. And my husband loved the idea of an enclosed play area so that our toddler can be well within sight and we don’t have to worry about running after him all the time.

Buy it: Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Gate and Play Yard, 4-In-1,


  1. Evenflo Expansion Walk Thru Room Divider Gate – The Best Wooden Baby Gate

This is a great collapsible gate made of wood and divides the room by being extra wide. But it does not have a complicated lock system like the other gates. In fact, the sneaky neighbor kid who is just 4 years old successfully opened it after fumbling for some 10 minutes. The biggest hazard is the kid pinching his finger in the mesh.


The gate is not just retractable. It also has a swing feature on both sides. Now that is what I call adapting to any kind of space. For a high traffic area, you can use the swing feature. And because the gate swings both ways it is not an issue for anybody coming from any direction. And if there is a lack of space, you can go for retracting feature. It will stay against the wall in a collapsed pole.

The gate is made of wood is very durable and sturdy. It is 32 inches tall and can cover a width of 24 inches to 60 inches. So its usable in wide spaces too.


The lock is not that difficult. It stays in place and is good quality, but there are chances your kid will figure it out if he/she observes you one or two times. My neighbors’ son sure did. Well, to open you need to depress one latch and lift the gate out. But if you want to take off the entire gate, depress both the latches and lift the gate from the doorway.

Set up

Setting up is easy. And you know what?

It can be installed at odd angles too.

That is so convenient. You just have to make sure that the opening where you want the gate is at least 24 inches wide. The instructions manual says that you bore a hole at 6” and 16.5” from the floor but many people using this gate have had a problem with this measurement. So it is better to keep the gate against the wall and mark the place where it needs a hole drilled.

Now insert the eye screw in the doorway where you bore a hole. If the door is solid wood, then use short eye screws but if it is dry wood use the long eye screws. Now install the gate by placing the lower hook and first and the upper one afterward.


Because it is wood, it is not recommended to wash it very often. You can wash it with warm water and mild soap occasionally but be sure to dry it thoroughly.


  • Retracts to save space
  • Swings in both directions
  • Takes only 10 minutes to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Wood matches all types of interior


  • The lock is very easy to operate even by kids

Why we love it

If your kid is 3 years or less, you won’t have to worry about him/her learning to work around the locking mechanism. Then it becomes really helpful having this gate. It is extra wide, made of sturdy wood and saves space. It can be put up anywhere – on top of stairs, at the bottom of stairs and even as a room divider.

Buy it: Evenflo Expansion Walk Thru Room Divider Gate,


  1. Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Dog Gate with Door – The best Free Standing Indoor Gate

Is there a gate which can add to the elegance of your house?

Yes, it’s this one!

This pure wood 4-panel gate can be set up independently anywhere in the house. And if you want to mount it permanently, then there is an option of hardware mounting too. It can double as a décor piece too.


The panel gate is available in 3 height sizes – 24 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches. According to your requirement, you can purchase the preferred height. The door is a 2-way swing one and the panel extends up to 72 inches.

The entire construction of the unit is flexible. The hinges rotate 360 degrees for unlimited usage patterns. The gate can be used at the bottom of stairs, in doorways, any indoor location or a self-contained pen. Because the hinges can be rotated in any direction, you can make a square out of it and create an enclosed play area.

It is lightweight and easy to store. It could be collapsed into a flat structure. There are also accessories available to customize it further. You can buy the support feet, extensions or wall mounting kit to install it permanently.

The bottom of the gate has rubber pads to keep it from sliding or scratching the floor.


The lock is a spring-loaded bolt that locks in place as soon as it is placed in its position. It is very easy to operate the lock. You will need only one hand.

Set up

This gate is probably the easiest to set up. You just have to open the extensions and make the shape you want according to the space you have. Unless you decide to go for hardware mounting, you don’t have to do anything. Just extend it to the required width and place it vertically.

And you’re done.


The gate is more of a décor piece and varnished nicely in the walnut finish. I would recommend you maintain it like any other expensive wood furniture. Because it is solid wood, dampening it frequently is not recommended.


  • It gels with any kind of décor
  • Hinges rotate in 360 degrees
  • Rubber pads at the bottom
  • Made of solid wood


  • Need to purchase wall mounting gear separately

Why we love it

The lock is not very state-of-the-art. It is actually not very good when you compare the other 9 we have reviewed here. But this unit is more for the decorative purposes rather than utility. Of course, there is a utility. It is a temporary solution which does not look bad or clash with the interior.

But it: Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Dog Gate with Door,


Why should you trust us?

We have a sneaky toddler with wheels for legs. Gates all around the house is our necessity. So we know your situation, understand it completely and even sympathize with you. So when we say we have researched these gates in detail, we mean tried each and every piece for ourselves. You don’t have to go through that tedious process of days on end.

You can just choose to trust us and choose the one best for your opening and spacing. We are new parents. So we have been extra cautious, more like possessed. So believe me when I say, it cannot get any worse.

These are the best baby gates available right now. You just decide on the locking mechanism and available width and then make the purchase.