Best Knapsacks Baby Carrier 2018

Take flight with your baby and venture with safety and comfort in the city

The nightmare of any neophyte parent is that during an everyday walk with your baby, it suddenly disappears as we converse with the neighbor or in that minute we close our eyes to catch our breath. A stroller or stroller can be very practical, but admittedly, our child will remain unsupervised most of the time.

Perhaps this is why ergonomic baby carriers have been gaining so much popularity among modern parents. While it is true that they can be physically more demanding than the pram, so is that they guarantee total control over the baby, and even if close our the eyes not for a minute, but for two, our child would remain totally safe.

In this article I will help you to choose the best baby Carrier backpack, I will tell you of course ergonomics, security, the best brands, prices and everything you should consider to make a purchase decision as important as this. Get ready to read a whole comparative baby carrier backpacks.

What are the advantages of a baby carrier on other means of transport?

A baby carrier has basically five advantages over a traditional stroller or carry your child in arms, however, before we go to see it one by one, he considers that this accessory of transport has existed since the dawn of humanity, and that science He recently demonstrated that the baby benefits from the interaction that emerged with his parents from the movement.

1. The baby is at no time isolated or alone: This is probably the main disadvantage of the stroller. We literally put our son inside a cabin that, while protecting him from the sun and the elements, prevents us from hearing his crying, or knowing if he is breathing normally.
2. The weight of the baby is evenly distributed in your body: Lifting our children in arms is possibly one of the happiest sensations of our lives, however, if we are forced by the situation to carry them in arms to the market, we will see in Serious mobility problems, and we’ll even expose ourselves to an accident. A baby carrier makes sure that the weight of the infant does not fall on our arms, but also on the back and shoulders
3. We will have our arms free: We use the example of the market again, if by force of the situation we were in the need to go alone to make the purchase and we had to take our newborn son, a backpack to carry baby would mark the difference between the Possibility of a successful mission and a fiasco
4. We will inspire safety in our child: The best baby Carrier backpack is always the one that ensures that our baby can feel our breath and temperature. This from a psychological point of view will ensure that you trust us and feel safe in your travel around the world
5. The baby will be part of your body: Instinctively we prolong our self-preservation instinct to everything that is attached to our body, any child carrier backpack has this advantage. Unlike the stroller which is a distant object, the backpack brings us closer to our baby

Let’s see a little bit of history

I told you before that the carriers have been used since practically the beginning of the humanity, however, you may think that I am exaggerating and therefore I will insist a little on this point. During the period in which we debating between being hunters – gatherers or sedentary women, the woman was in charge not only of the care of the children, but also of the supply of water.

Of course, fulfilling both tasks required not only a lot of strength, but also a tool that would allow the woman to fill the containers with water, without neglecting at any time the safety of her child. We’re talking about our ancestors literally taking their children on the slopes through deserts, jungles and mountains, and the children’s backpack was there to help them.

The absence of records about sudden death in those times is still notable. But according to several studies, it has in large measure to do with the fact that the babies slept with their parents, or even only with their mother, and that the prolonged contact during the trips in the day, helped in the development of systems that are not yet complete in the Baby, as is the case with the respiratory system.

Anthropologically a carrier is an object so linked to what we are as a species, it is not possible to attribute its development or invention to a single culture, in fact, there are records of such devices in Mesoamerica, as in India and Vietnam. Now let’s look at some design elements that share the best carriers, whatever their brand or origin.

Choosing the best ergonomic baby carrier backpack

I wanted to emphasize ergonomics not only for your back and your arms, but because a bad design could negatively affect the bone shaping of our baby. In this field there are no half-tints worth, a baby carrier must be ergonomic or simply not a carrier, but a backpack.

It’s all about insisting on the idea that babies need close contact from their parents, being carried in arms gives them a very desirable sense of safety for their satisfying emotional maturation, an ergonomic carrier is the perfect solution To find the balance between their needs of affection and our daily life, so consider carefully the following:

1. It is preferable an ergonomic baby backpack that allows you to carry it with your back straight and your face looking directly at you. According to several studies the posture in “M” or “Froggy” is the one that guarantees the child more comfort
2. The baby’s legs should form a right angle, this position is the best to avoid the displacment of the hip. It may sound complicated, but it’s a very easy position to achieve, just consider the position your baby takes when you hold it in your arms and try to keep it
3. Ergonomic baby Carriers adapt to the user and not the other way around. Under no circumstances should you force your child’s legs into the carrier, in fact, if you notice any type of incompatibility you should try another model, and even consult a specialist to make sure everything is okay with your baby. That’s what the human centered design is all about.
4. The baby’s back should be resting on the back of the baby carrier, although you may not notice this while your child is awake, the moment you fall asleep, your back will bend if it is not, and this can cause injuries and malformations.
5. I guess you’ve noticed that your baby is a small biological radiator that can make the temperature rise a lot, well, you better choose a carrier whose materials allow natural perspiration, another case, you could generate a sweat allergy On the skin.

What do users say?

If this is the first time you buy a baby carrier, you will appreciate the advice and recommendations that other users can give you. After all, it’s not easy being a father and sometimes we need to learn from the mistakes of others. I leave some recommendations that will not only save you some money, but also can save you headaches and visits to the doctor:

1. Your baby is going to grow: It sounds pretty obvious, I know, but according to most of the baby carriers opinions, it is something that nobody considers when making this important purchase, which is why they choose the most beautiful model, which ends up staying boy in question A month or two. Remember that although the baby carriers are mostly intended for children between 3 and 9 months, during this period your child will grow a lot and the backpack should be able to adapt
2. Choose a model that supports the weight of the baby on both shoulders: A carrier is a bidirectional device, on the one hand you must ensure the comfort and safety of your baby, but on the other, it should be as compassionate as possible with your body. After all carry 10 or 12 kilograms of weight on one arm could lead to a painful scoliosis
3. A head support guarantees hours of peace: All the opinions carriers agree that the headboard must provide stability throughout the head. The reason for this measure is to prevent the baby’s head from falling back or sides if it falls asleep. Remember that babies still do not hold the neck well, especially the smaller, so it is extremely advisable to have this feature to avoid headache

Let’s talk about money

All that has to do with the safety of our children is necessarily costly, although in principle it is not anything different from several pieces of textile joined by high quality synthetic fibers, believe me that industrial designers are taken very seriously The task of conceiving a product that does not jeopardize your baby’s life or your physical integrity.

In general we can find carriers with the ergonomic conditions that you and your baby need between 80 and 200 euros, any product above or below that price is overrated or may represent a potential risk. I’m just estpy in the world of paternity, but something that I have clear is that I prefer to save on fuel, mobile and even my athletic footwear, but never in what has to do with my son.

Most manufacturers know that the success of their product depends on the reputation they have on the market. An off-site seam or inappropriate selection of materials and the game is over. For this reason you will invest a significant amount of resources to guarantee the quality of your baby carrier, and of course you’ll be given a very considerate after-sales service.

Although it may not necessarily be a problem, I would not be inclined to buy a second hand carrier. While it is possible to find many offers of users that assure that their product is ‘ as new ‘ at really comfortable prices, my recommendation is not to skimp on expenses and if possible to buy always new.

Caring for our baby carrier

Many things can happen to our brand new baby carrier backpack during a walk in the park or a visit to the market, and I’m not talking about the quality of the materials or dust particles in the environment, I’m talking about all the things a baby can do to us. I discovered that it was a bad idea to go for a walk right after lunch, I guess at that age accidents are common.

Washing our baby carrier does not have to be a traumatic experience. If our child for example vomited only on one of the straps, it will suffice to use a mild soap to remove stains and dirt. We must do it as soon as possible, to avoid that the bad smell adheres to the textile material.

It is very important that we see the baby carrier before using it for the first time. I recommend putting it in cold water with a little vinegar and soap, to remove excess dust and check that pigments are not released that can affect our child’s skin. Most of the backpacks to transport our baby can be washed in the machine, however, I do not recommend doing it with other garments, or at a temperature higher than 30 degrees.

Remember that not only is our baby responsible for the things that can happen to our infant carrier backpack. Consider the physical stress that you will undergo transporting a body of 10 kilograms attached to the chest or back for hours, it is very likely that transpires and impregnate the fibers with bacteria. In this case, the best thing will always be to opt for a complete wash.

In conclusion

Buying a baby backpack is much more exciting than buying a new car, and the variables are much more complex. We are not playing the classic cost-benefit equation, we are playing the integrity of our son and his first experiences in the world, we are talking about a very important decision.

While it is true that the priority is our baby, remember that it will be you who attach the backpack to your body and who should move it, all the more reason to consider your comfort as a priority variable. If you feel that for some reason the straps or padding annoy you, do not think twice and look for a more convenient model.

It will be much easier for you to interact with your baby if the baby carrier puts you face to face with it. Remember that it will be easier for the weight of your body to fall on your two arms, rather than on one alone. Do not rely on designs that assure you otherwise, you will end up totally exhausted and you will not enjoy the most to walk with your child.

Ergonomics is everything. If your baby is comfortable and you too, you have nothing more to worry about, it will possibly be the time of your life that is closer to you, so do not skimp in expenses, psychologically you will be making a wonderful gift to your child , standing next to you as you discover the world will make you feel very confident in the years to come.

You know everything or almost everything you need to know to make a reasoned purchase decision, enough to aventures you to try the different models and find out which is best suited to your morphology and your child. Check out the parents ‘ forums neophytes and keep up with the experiences of other families that like yours are facing parenthood for the first time.

That said, I can only wish you luck and that your walks in the park and your visits to the market are from here in the most wonderful moments of your day, I am very sure that your son will be grateful in the future for all the care you take at this time of your life.

1. Manduca 222-03-80-000 Review

We’re talking about a baby carrier ideal for babies from two months to one year old, their weight of 599 grams will not add much more burden on your shoulders, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations the minimum weight your child should have to use the backpack is 3 K Ilos and a half, and the maximum is 20 kilos. Something you will certainly like to know is that the Manduca is manufactured 100% in organic cotton.

Advantages: 70% of the buyers of this model declared themselves satisfied with the quality of the product. The comments were particularly enthusiastic about the materials and the comfort that both the baby and his father experience during the walking. In fact, many of the reviews received by this model of Manduca are parents who ensure that their children fall asleep as soon as they fit into the backpack.

Disadvantages: For some reason not all babies like this model, some customers were unhappy with how their children reacted to manduca quilting. However, if a critique was persistent in the negative reviews, it was the fact that it is practically necessary for another adult to help you adjust the straps, which reduces their practicality. It is a product that is more thought for a female user than for a male, if your back is too wide, you may have trouble accommodating.

2. Mipies Backpack Baby Carrier Review

It’s one of the lightest baby backpacks on the market, it weighs just 399 grams, which you’ll probably appreciate if you’re going to have a long day. However, the most outstanding feature of its design, is the large amount of pockets that we will have as a user, which will certainly solve many small everyday problems that we will discover as we go into the Paternity.

Advantages: It is the ideal product to go for a long walk with your son, the best thing is that the design was conceived so that the weight of the baby is deposited mainly in your hip and not on your back. If the foregoing is not enough, you will have the option of putting your baby back to you or face to face, which would certainly improve the experience of the ride for him. The quality of the materials was also positively reviewed by several buyers.

Disadvantages: Some shoppers complained about the quality of the hardware, so you’d better check them thoroughly and try them thoroughly before you trust yourself too much. Depending on the physical texture of your baby may be inadequate and your body may not be in the most comfortable position, causing chafing between your skin and the straps that fix the backpack to your body. It is also recommended that you wash it before using it for the first time, at least three buyers complained that the backpack destiñó on the baby’s clothes.

3. Boba 4g Review

It’s not the lightest backpack, it weighs 612 grams. It may sound a little, but add your baby’s 12 kilograms and multiply for six hours and you’re going to have a very weary combination. The combination of synthetic materials and textiles can be very attractive to some buyers, especially in terms of durability, but it could be overwhelming on hot days.

Advantages: The design is very attractive and comfortable, you will have the advantage of being able to use it as a backpack on your back or put it directly on your chest. It is also practical enough to fold and be storable in any drawer, a feature that you will definitely appreciate as your desktop and your life begins to populate with articles of paternity. Most of the satisfied shoppers highlighted the good quality of the materials and their resistance to continuous use stress.

Disadvantages: It may not be the freshest product, the fact that it is made of intermediate materials between the plastic and the cotton it detracts from breathability to the fabric. Some users complained that they had difficulty adjusting the backpack to babies too young or too big, which is why I recommend that you consider this feature before making your purchase. It is important to note that there are several negative comments regarding the quality of the pigments in the bag, you should not let your baby’s skin directly rub the fabric.

4. BabyBjörn 093023 Review

It must be said, is a backpack for babies very heavy, with its 948 grams will be almost impossible not to notice that is there, however, the design of ties and braces of this product was specifically conceived to be your waist that supports the weight of the baby , which is why your back and your shoulders will be practically free of pressure. However, be prepared to pay, because it is one of the most expensive products of this line of the market.

Advantages: Not always the most expensive is better conceived or designed, but in this case yes. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that in terms of ergonomics is a superior product. Not to mention the selection of materials. It is perfect for both winter and summer walks, the permeability of textile materials will not bother your baby at any time. You will also find it very desirable that you can take it back or forward and that its design prevents the displeasure of hip in babies.

Disadvantages: It costs almost three times what you would pay for other models of backpacks to carry your baby and it is also possible that if you are not too stout or high, the system of hardware and closures will make you a little game. With regard to the comfort for the baby many users have reviewed it as a negative aspect, however, the manufacturer has studies that show in appearance the relevance of the design.

5. BabyBjörn 023056 Review

Two products in a count of five means that someone is doing things right, and as you can imagine the Swedes are not joking about investing in industrial design, much less in a field as specific and important as the transport of babies. We are in this front a slightly lighter version than the previous one, but it offers practically the same facilities of transport and comfort for the baby. Without a doubt a product that can be summarized as ‘ good, nice and cheap ‘.
Advantages: The price is within the average of the market, reason why you should not worry about this variable, the selection of materials is also of top quality and the design responds to the needs of almost any parent who sees in the need to go out to the CAL You with your son on the slopes. You can use it in the back or the front and in theory it will retain its ergonomic properties. Many satisfied buyers found the fact that it is intended to be used by both men and women very desirable.

Disadvantages: According to a nurtured group of dissatisfied buyers the design of this baby bag does not respect the baby’s natural curvature and forces it to be in an inadequate position. Several publications suggest this backpack is particularly inappropriate for newborns, which is why it is recommended that you talk to your pediatrician before trying with your baby.

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