Best Baby Sleeping Bag 2018

Winter is getting closer and you don’t want your baby to pass cold during the night the solution? No doubt baby sleeping bags are the best alternative during the cold months of the year so that your toddler sleeps all night safely.

There is some controversy about the use of baby sacs in the crib, but their use is completely safe – they are designed for it – and these are endorsed by many pediatricians and child development specialists around the world. A baby sleeping bag can be an incredibly useful ally for mothers, especially to ensure a safer and more stable sleep period for the baby and for them.

Anyway, if you’ve come this far is probably because you are looking for more information about baby bags or perhaps you already intend to buy one, in either of these two cases we want to help you and to achieve this we have prepared a complete shopping guide in the That you will be able to find reliable and useful information about the use of children’s sleeping bags.

So do not go and continue reading the material we have prepared especially thinking about you. We want to show you a little more about the right way to use baby sleeping bag and also the advantages and disadvantages that these offer and finally we have made for you an intelligent selection of the best sleeping bags that you should take into account when making a To purchase, each with a specialized review made by our consumer experts.

Ready? So let’s start…

First, what exactly are children’s sleeping bags?
Baby bags are a bag that is used as a pajama and that serves to keep your child warm and safe while sleeping alone in his crib, this way you can completely avoid-if you wish-the use of blankets and sheets to clothe the baby during the night.

You’re wondering, “What good is it for me not to clothe my son during the night?” The truth is that the use of sleeping bags for children ages 3 to 6 and also for babies offers a lot of benefits, and that is why the demand for these products has increased so much over the last few years.

Advantages of wearing a winter sleeping bag
Prevents babies from moving too much:
After the 4th or 5th month of life The babies become more agile and begin to acquire more physical strength, so they begin to move much more in the cradle while they sleep. The problem with these movements is that you can fall, hit and even get caught in the pile of blankets and suffocate. When using a baby bag you prevent your child from making very abrupt movements that can be dangerous, the baby will always sleep warm and in a safe position all night long.

Shelters better than a blanket:
Being tighter to the body, the infant sleeping bag is able to maintain a pleasant warm temperature while the baby rests at night. Another advantage you have about the blankets is that when used as a pajama, the baby will never be able to get unclothed and catch a common cold by carelessness.

Wash easily:
Most of the cheap baby sleeping bags are made of thick cotton, so you can wash it with no problem using the regular cycle of your washer. Soon you’ll realize that washing a little pajamas is much easier and more practical than washing a set of sheets and blankets every week.

One for each season of the year:
Usually the manufacturers design 4 different versions of each model that they get for sale. Each version has a different thickness level-to offer more or less heat-, so you can choose a version for Winter, spring, fall or summer.

Disadvantages of buying a baby sleeping bag
They are chosen by size:
If we go to the case, the only real disadvantage that involves the use of these practical sleeping bags for the little ones of the house is that they are used by sizes, ie, as it is a pajamas, must be the right size for your child’s body , not too big or too small. That means that at some point you’re going to have to change it and buy a new one, which doesn’t happen so often with blankets, blankets and sheets.

How to choose the best sleeping bag for your baby?
We know that you care a lot about everything that is related to your small and surely that will make you have some doubts when choosing the best sleeping bag, but do not worry that we will help. There are some key elements that can make a given model perfect – or not – for you and your child, let’s see what.

Temperature Resistance:
Since the main use you’re going to want to give a sleeping bag is precisely to shelter your baby during the night, then you must be aware that the model you choose is indicated to sleep warm but comfortable at every time of the year. It’s not the same to wear pajamas in winter than in summer. To make you more clear, the thermal resistance level is measured at a value called TOG, the higher the TOG you see on the label, the more coat the sack provides. For example: During the coldest winter nights you will want to have a sleeping bag with TOG of 2.5 or 3.0, instead in the summer you can use a cooler sack of TOG 0.5.

Manufacturing Material:
The material is very important for several reasons. First of all it is the material that will define how warm the sack is. There are sleeping bags for babies made in all kinds of materials such as cotton, fleeces, wool and muslin. Be sure to buy a liner made with a suitable material for the current climate and also be comfortable in contact with the baby’s skin.

Hypo Allergenic:
Although when it comes to small babies it is always advisable to use products that help prevent the proliferation of allergies, some children are more delicate than others, so if your baby suffers from allergies or has very delicate skin, then read the label before Buy to make sure it is a hypoallergenic certified product.

With sleeves or sleeveless:
You’re going to have to make an important decision here. There are models with sleeves and sleeveless. The problem of sleeping bags with sleeves is that they limit almost completely the mobility of the small while sleeping, which can become a problem if it ends up feeling uncomfortable, but on the other hand they are much more sheltered (which is good during the winter) . Remember that you can always buy a sleeveless model and complement the night coat with a long-sleeved cotton camisita, so that it is not cold.

Washing method:
Pay special attention to the method of washing allowed for sleeping bag, after all we seek is to make life easier, not complicate. Most cotton and polyester sacks can be washed like any other garment in the regular cycle of the washing machine, that’s a good thing. If a model seems extremely delicate and the instructions for washing it seem very strict, perhaps you should let it pass.

Ideal size:
Although each size has a fairly wide age range and is also usually adjustable. For example: from 12 to 36 months or sacks for children ages 3 to 6, if it is very important that you choose a bag with a suitable size for your child’s body. If the sack is too small and fits your body a lot, you may find it uneasy to sleep with it, on the other hand, if the sack is excessively large it can become entangled with while sleeping (as if it were a sheet) or just may not shelter enough If it’s too cold at night.

How to get cheap sleeping bags

One of the things that can confuse you most when you see offers sleeping bags is the amount of design and models that exist, especially if you look for it through websites like We know it’s a little confusing at first, but digital channels are the best way to buy these items because you can select from a larger variety, plus you usually get better prices without wasting your time going from one place to another.

1. Slumbersac 384-35 Review

The British brand Slumbersac emerged for more than 15 years, due to the concern presented by its founder Karina Grassy, this considered that at that time there was no sleeping bags for babies that conjugate quality, practicality, comfort and modern designs. Grassy consents to the importance of sleeping well all night and keeping the infants warm in the winter season, he devised the sack Slumbersac 384-35.

This sleeping bag is made of rigorously selected materials, which guarantee not to affect the delicate skin of babies. This is why the outer part and the lining are made of polyester wool and the filling is made of 100% cotton, which provides a dizzying drying preventing the proliferation of mites and germs. The nature of its materials is designed to withstand climates below 18 ° so this becomes an effective ally of parents to care for the sleep and health of the youngest in the home.

Another notable feature of this product with respect to the rest is that in the sleeves the padding is thinner allowing the mobility of the infant, that together with the zipper in the middle of the piece, provides greater practicality of use of the product.

The sleeping bag The Slumbersac 384-35 presents a design set in a pirate story, sporting a range of nice colors (blue, white) and fresh for babies, the embroidery of the image is excellent quality on one side presents a boat and the other the chest of the Treasury.

Material: 100% cotton and polyester wool
Dimensions: 12-36 months 22x 43 inches; 3-6 years 27x 51 inch, 6-10 years 27x 59 inch
Color: White – Blue
The material in which it is made is great for protecting the skin of the infant
When a zipper is placed in the central part it makes it easy to
It is a very practical element to keep the baby at a warm temperature
The product is a little big with respect to the size of the baby

2. Slumbersac 243-25 Review

The British company Slumbersac that for fifteen years specializes in the making of sleeping bags, has developed a variety of designs that are characterized by making the children’s bedtime more enjoyable, because in their workshops makes a Exhaustive study of the materials in order to select the most suitable to give you a warm sleep.

This brand thinking about the comfort and practicality of the Slumbersac 243-25, this sleeping bag is specially designed for infants to stay warm in spite of low temperatures. This is why it has three thermal insulation measures: 0.5 Ideal for temperatures above 24 ° centigrade; 1.0 specially designed for use in environments with temperatures above 18 ° Centigrade and below 24 ° Celsius and finally we find 2.5 this should be used at a temperature above 15 ° Centigrade and less than 21 ° Celsius. By virtue of this the parent can choose the thickness of the bag fill that best suits their requirements.

Another relevant feature of the product is the quality of the material in which it is manufactured, since it is made of cotton at 100%, with striped designs in red and white colors, together with this in the front one can appreciate a zipper and two embroideries alluding to a fire truck.

Material: Cotton to 100%
Dimensions: 0-6 months measuring 70 cm long; 6-18 months measures 90 cm long, 1-3 years old measures 110 cm long and 3-6 years measures 130 cm long
Color: White – Red
Parents can choose the thickness of the thermal insulator they prefer
The product is harmony to the ages for which they were designed, in the same way it presents a mechanism to adopt the sack to different sizes
It is a practical object to protect the infant from the low temperatures
The closure on the front is placed from top to bottom, this makes it difficult to place the product
No sleeves, many parents should look for mechanisms to shelter the arms of babies

3. Aden + Anais 8062G Review

The well-known brand Aden + Anais that went on the market since 2006, presents articles specially designed for the spoiled of the home, these products have been identified by being practical and ecological, because the company has dedicated itself to look for the subjects Premiums that guarantee the protection of the environment and provide quality to the consumer.

Aden + Anais aware that babies at bedtime tend to be unsheltered exposing the inclement weather created the sleeping bag Aden + Anais 8062G, this article was rigorously designed thinking about the comfort that children require. This is why it is made in muslin 100% made of natural cotton, it is dermatologically examined to protect the delicate skin of babies. The fabric has a white base on which various colors are printed.

The Aden + Anais 8062G sleeping bag gives the consumer a variety of sizes ranging from the small size (s) to the extra large size (XL). In addition to this it has a closure at the front to facilitate placement.

Material: Muslin 100% made of cotton
Dimensions: S with 60 cm long; M with 80 cm long, L with 90 cm long and XL with 100 cm long
Color: White with print
It has a very attractive design, since it incorporates colorful colors
It is practical to acobijar babies at night with average temperatures
The Aden + Anais 8062G sleeping bag is made of a material that does not contain harmful products for the delicate skin of the baby.
The thermal insulator used in the bag is very thin for low temperatures, coupled with this does not present sleeves, so the child should be sheltered with a blanket

4. Slumbersac 131-25 Review

The Slumbersac 131-25 is a sleeping bag designed to give infants a warm sleep on the cold winter nights, this is specially made in high quality materials in which cotton is used at 100%, this fabric represents a Great advantage because it is a very soft and durable fabric that does not mistreat the delicate skin of the spoils of the home.

This sleeping bag presents a design adapted to the requirements of the babies depending on the age that it has, in the case of the size 1 and the size 2 they have on one side a closing, in each one of the shoulders there are two brooches and on each side it presents A brooch, these features make the Slumbersac 131-25 a sleeping bag that can be molded to the size of the infarte in this way you will not be able to get out of the bag while you sleep. In the case of size 3 and size 4 as raised for older children The mechanism for placement consists of a zipper located in the front center, this allows it to be easy to place and remove the sleeping bag. In addition to this and thinking about maintaining a warm temperature inside the sleeping bag the thermal insulation used is 2.5 thick, which generates that it is suitable to be used in temperatures below 21 °c and temperatures above 15 °c.

Material: Cotton to 100%.
Dimensions: Size I 70 cm long, size II 90 cm long, size III 110 cm long and size IV 130 cm long
Color: Cream – Beige
It shows a delicate design, incorporating pastel colors along with a fine embroidery of jungle animal figures. Which makes it possible to be used by both a child and a girl
Provides protection against cold in average temperatures
The closure that is in the middle half of the bag which is a little uncomfortable when placed the child while he is asleep

5. Slumbersac A-SL-Zoo-35-1 Review

The Slumbersac A-SL-Zoo-35-1 is a sack-type cover in which the small ones of the home can rest comfortably, because it provides a suitable temperature especially in the winter time. This article is very useful because they tend to protect children from the cold while they sleep, to differences in normal blankets this does not allow them to desarropen with the movements they make, but they can move around the bed and will always stay warm.

It is made of material 100% cotton and filled with polyester wool, these materials do not usually cause allergies and are of very good quality, thus allowing high durability over time. It has long sleeves with little padding, allowing you to move your arms freely. Its presentation has four different sizes, 70 cm for newborn babies up to 6 months of age, 90 cm for toddlers between 6 months to 18 months, 110 cm for children between 1 year and 3 years this has the peculiarity that it can be adapted from According to the dimensions of the infant and 130cm for those children who are ages between 3 years and 6 years. Its colors are yellow and white with embroidered animal figures so it can be used by both girls and boys. It has a closing in the central part, which opens downwards.

Product Features:
Colors: Yellow and white
Weight: 381 g
Outer and inner Material: Cotton
padding: Polyester wool
It is easy to wash and dry
It is not manufactured in delicate material so it can be washed in machines and dried in dryer
It is ample allowing the baby freedom of movement while sleeping
Provides comfort and shelter while sleeping keeping it at an appropriate temperature
May present discomfort in the child because of the length of their sleeves

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