Best Dolls Carts 2018

The cheap doll carts are an excellent option to give to your little ones. You can take home an accessory for the dolls made with excellent quality materials that your daughter will surely adore. Children love to emulate the behavior of adults; in this way, they learn about the world in which they are surrounded and obtain the skills to grow and develop in it. One of the first behaviors of adults to which children are exposed is the nutrition and care of a baby. It is true that, for most children, their doll is the most important object in the universe, so, it is logical, buy a high-quality cart to help them take the child from one place to another.

Currently, there are many doll strollers available in the market that have a design and operation similar to the real ones. In fact, sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish which is the toy and which is not. The most important thing is that your child can feel the responsibility of a large child while pushing his wrist on one of these devices, from the twin doll cart to the cheap doll strollers.

Another important issue is the accessory products. Some sellers offer a wide selection of independent baby seats that can be adjusted to the main doll stroller and function as transporters. This and other details will be something that your little ones will definitely be able to enjoy being at home; the accessories help create much more realistic and interesting experiences for the senses.

Caring for a doll is a serious and very personal matter. So, children will appreciate that we bring products home that has a solid construction and attractive appearance of good quality. Learn about the different products in our shopping guide, as well as the recommendations presented here and find equipment made with high-quality materials and a unique design. It is important to point out that these toys have been manufactured by brands with the recognized trajectory in the market, they are durable, practical and easy to use. The final result is a product that will accompany your child for many years until he/she reaches the most advanced level/age.

We recommend that you consider playful doll carts for any occasion, be it a birthday or simply because you want to give something to your children or your friends’ children to have fun and learn. You can combine it with a doll or take it alone, in any way, it will be a wonderful gift.

In this guide, you will find a wide variety of cheap doll strollers with striking colors, modern designs, affordable prices and functional features suitable for all types of users. Check carefully the information provided and find the product with the best price-quality ratio and that best suits your needs. Think that this is a long-term investment and that it is a resource with a dual purpose, to entertain and to form.

What are doll carts?

The doll strollers are miniature versions of baby carriages. Children can use it to walk their toys, specifically, the dolls. It is easy to move, versatile and eye-catching. It will help to form values of responsibility, commitment, and self-confidence in your children.

Over the years, the design of the doll carts has changed remarkably to look more like real cars. Incorporating more details, accessories, and functionalities to the design in order to create a scale model that can be related to the real world. That is why today we have countless models and brands to choose from.

With what materials are they manufactured?

The quality of the baby toy cart varies according to the material of manufacture. They are in cloth, plastic, wood and/or metal. Each component has a different level of resistance and durability, but, in general, can withstand all types of blows and falls without suffering deformation or serious damage.

These same materials must be hard and, at the same time, flexible enough to adapt to the design of the real strollers: adjustable backrests, sun cover, etc.

Regardless of the model you choose, make sure it is free of toxic substances such as lead, phthalate, and cadmium. In the case of toy baby carts made of wood, verify that the paint used does not contain methylene chloride, acetate, xylene, among others.

On the other hand, you can find folding dolly carts. These models employ steel and metal frames that are lighter and stronger than other materials, and that can be bent without breaking. They are very comfortable and easy to transport, do not take up much space and can be carried on the bus, subway or any means of transport that you normally use.

Likewise, the doll carts for large girls have a lot of accessories, some specific for that model you want and others of general use but compatible. The advantage of using this or that complement is not only in the design but in the material. For example, The rubber of the additional wheels facilitates driving and helps reduce the noise levels of the cart. This rubber is an extra that can be acquired at any time.

Dimensions of doll carts

As you’ve already seen, there are a lot of models and brands available in the doll cart market. All offer different advantages and disadvantages but maintain a similar design and purpose. Before buying, it is good to give us a general picture of the look we are looking for and the characteristics of the ideal cart. For this reason, we comment on the dimensions of the most valued models, so that you can form a reasonable idea about what to expect and what to buy.

The easiest trolleys to maneuver have a compact size and a moderate weight, so they are lightweight and very portable. These models usually include wheels (2) rotating in the front and although the design is perhaps not the easiest to explain, it is well worth taking into consideration the results obtained.

The measurements of this hypothetical model are around 55 cm long and 86 cm wide, adjustable depending on the height of the handlebar, between 43 cm and 82 cm high. It is recommended for children older than 3 – 4 years and has an average weight of 5 kilograms.

Some folding models, valued positively by users, have a more realistic and attractive design for children, who will be happy to use a car similar to that of adults. Despite the advantages offered and the excellent price-quality ratio, they are more affordable, compact and versatile strollers.

The dimensions of this product are 48 x 42 x 35 cm. It can be adjusted to 62 cm, modifying the height of the handlebar. It weighs 4 kilograms of weight and the metal frame is ultra-resistant. In addition, it comes with multiple accessories such as a purse, diaper bag, storage tray, etc. They are usually recommended for children over 4 years of age, although depending on the size and character of the child, even a 3-year-old can use it.

The baby strollers in wood are undoubtedly the ones that present more limitations in terms of functionality, however, they are a favorite not only for the comfort they offer to the user but also for the incredible style of some of the models made with wood. It is necessary to note that the wheels of these strollers are usually stationary, that is, they can only go in one direction, forward and backward. They have an ultralight weight, of approximately 2 kilograms, but maintain a certain proportion with the previous devices.

The dimensions of the vehicle are, on average, 55 x 24 x 49 cm. And its use is recommended after 3 years. Here, we can emphasize that these models are adorned with other materials such as wicker and lace fabric. Of course, everything depends on the design and style of the doll cart.

Types of doll carts

In this guide, we will find a wide spectrum of doll strollers, from the cheapest models to the most advanced, similar to the baby cars offered in the real world. The variety of products has to do with the tastes and needs of customers. It is important to maintain the quality of the trolleys at an affordable price and with an attractive appearance.

Conventional trolleys with a Victorian or English style have dark hoods (tapasol) and radio wheels. The curious thing about this design is that, although it is one of the simplest and with fewer functions, it is not the most economical. However, it is one of the most elegant and prominent in the market.

Modern doll cars share the basic and advanced features of the models that parents use to transport their children. These have an attractive design, with striking colors and are made of resistant and lightweight materials such as metal and steel for maximum versatility.

The strollers are also very popular nowadays and exist different versions, taking into account the design and format of these. The simplest trolleys are the traditional cloth-backed seats; the structure of the car only contemplates the frame and the wheels for its transport. If you have a tight budget, this is your best option, but take into account that the quality of materials, design, and finishes are lower than the other models.

In summary, there are many good proposals available today, each one serves the needs of a particular market, so it will not be difficult to find a doll cart for children.

What is the average price of doll carts?

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the little ones in the house or for a family member or friend with small children, the cheap doll carts are always a good option. This type of article helps to shape the character of your children, to increase their level of confidence and also serves to transport their toys comfortably from point A to point B. All this at a fairly affordable price.

The purchase price of cheap doll carts varies by design, model, and brand. Large products such as doll carts for 8-year-old girls are a bit more expensive than compact models, with a basic design and lower quality materials. In any case, the strollers for dolls are, in general, quite economic products; The price range varies between 65 and 80 euros or so. The cost may increase if we buy additional accessories to improve the experience and modernize our equipment.

Why buy a doll cart for children?

Throughout this article, we have mentioned some of the reasons why doll carts are one of the best products you can buy to ensure fun for your children. Here’s a brief explanation of why buying a baby toy car is a good idea.

Durability. Even the most economical models remain in good condition for a long period of time.

It can be used by children of different ages to take their dolls around the city, the park, inside the building, etc.

There is a great variety of models, styles, materials, prices, sizes, etc.

The doll carts are used to transport all kinds of toys or articles, in addition to the dolls, as long as they fit inside the chair.

It helps to strengthen the bonds between parents and children and gives the child some responsibility for the care and maintenance of his dolls. In this way, the child has to make sure that their toys are in good condition and can take them with them to share with their friends or family.

How to choose the best doll cart?

Before buying a doll stroller, consider the variables discussed below. These tips can help you make the best decision regarding quality, price, needs, and preferences.

The age of the child
The doll carts are very popular between 3 and 8 years old. As your child grows, he loses interest in this type of toy. It is important to verify that the size of the car is appropriate for the age and height of the child. Read the recommendations in the package; The manufacturer will say for what age group the model has been designed.

The size of the doll
Although the trolleys will be occupied by dolls, not all the dolls are the same. Depending on the size and characteristics of these toys you are likely to want to buy a more or less realistic car.

As always, what it deprives is the price. Our tastes should always match the capacity of our pockets. It is necessary to stay within the budget. Of course, there are cheaper options and models more complete, luxurious and advanced, somewhat more expensive. But as we said these carts are usually affordable toys, very durable and resistant. With which, we could well spend a little more than expected in view of the type of product to consider.

The wheels
The type and number of wheels vary depending on the model and design. The more traditional models have radio-type wheels, while the modern doll carts have swiveling wheels in the front and back, making it look even more like the baby cars used by parents.

The trolleys with realistic designs have brakes on the wheels that ensure the position of the cart, which is very important if we are on a slope or the child loses control of the device.

Some doll carts have a safety belt arranged to keep your wrist secured in your seat. It is an optional feature that is well worth considering that many dolls are expensive and easily messy.

Storage space
Like real cars, doll carts have extra storage space for storing toys, bottles or any other item that seems convenient. This is a very useful feature if we take into account the need to carry other products, in addition to toys, during walks or family outings.

Tips for caring for doll carts

To avoid any accidents due to poor manipulation of the toys, we give you some tips:

If the child is very small, do not leave him alone
Make sure the cart is appropriate for the child’s age. Not too big, not too small
Do not place objects that are too heavy on the stroller, or use it to transport other items than the toys of the child
Keep it clean. Remove the fabric and materials that can be extracted and washed, take them to the washing machine and make sure they are always clean

1. Knorrtoys 90778 Review

Girls will surely love this model. The Knorrtoys 90778 is perfect for dreamy girls because this doll car can change its shape, and the design in pink tones adorned with large and colorful flowers makes it quite feminine and striking for girls of different ages.

This doll stroller is one of the largest available on the market, has double front wheels that fix their stability in a better way and that can rotate up to 360ยบ, and despite being one of the largest pretty light, so it can be used by smaller girls.

Knorrtoys 90778 is the perfect gift for girls, this product has a maximum weight of 2 kilograms and can be enjoyed by girls from 3 years of age. This doll stroller is convertible in three different models, including a sports chair, and thanks to this feature its size also adjust to the different statures of the girls.

What could draw more attention of the girls of this model with others available is undoubtedly its design, because the Knorrtoys 90778 uses a soft pink color adorned with flowers of different colors, which make it stand out among the different options, besides the quality that has to become three different dolls strollers a big plus point.

Your pieces are easy to assemble
The stroller comes with a user manual, to convert it into other models, which is also in Spanish
It can be easily used by girls from 3 years of age, up to 10 or 11 years old.
It can be easily adjusted from every little one who uses it
It may be a bit big for smaller girls

2. Arias 40211 Review

This is a nice and creative design for the “little moms”. The model Arias 40211 is a doll stroller created with all the accessories that could have a real baby car, has a cloak to take care of the “baby” of the sun, has a practical bag to carry the necessary things and also has a grid at the bottom to place different objects.
This stroller is actually quite practical and simple for girls. Its main design has an English style and is completely covered in blue, it has a carrying bag where the girls can place their baby’s objects, and also in the grid they have can put other toys or dolls when they leave. walk.

The design of this model is quite simple and with an elegant look, it has big wheels and a standard size handlebar, which was created thinking about girls with ages from 5 years old until 9 or 10 years old. The car has a good size and weight and is quite light and easy to handle by the smallest, and within this can place from small dolls to those that exceed 50cm in size.

The design is quite strong and durable
It can be used by girls from 5 years old and up
It has large wheels that are very light and can easily turn in different directions

The design of the pouch can vary between one product and another

3. Bayer Chic 2000 593 25 Review

this model is obviously one of the most original designs that you can find in the market. The Bayer Chic 2000 593 25 is one of the most striking doll strollers there is. This model has an adjustable structure at different heights, it can be changed in shape, it is foldable and has some additional accessories to make the games much more fun.

The little ones of the house will be able to go out for a walk with their dolls in this stroller, which has some accessories such as a small bag or a basket in the lower part to carry other toys or objects from their wrist.

The design of this model is quite original, the way it can be transformed is different from other products, it also has large front wheels covered with leather that are quite flexible to the directions and does not cause any kind of noise, it is a very soft handle and has a size that can be adjusted for girls of different ages.

One of the best qualities that have this model is the ease it has to fold and be transported or stored in different places, this is perhaps one of the features that differentiate it from other products in the market.

This stroller is available in three different colors, pink, purple and fuchsia, it can be enjoyed by small girls from 4 years of age, and inside this can be placed dolls of different sizes and weight. Chic Chic 2000 593 25 is enough resistant and easy to handle in different places.

The stroller can be adjusted to a height between 46cm and 82cm high, so it can be used by both small and larger girls
It is easy to assemble and has a manual to learn more about its handling
It can be a bit heavy for smaller girls

4. Bayer Design 13094AA Review

This is one of the most colorful designs found in our particular selection, without a doubt it would be a perfect gift for the girls of the house. This model of stroller includes different characteristics and qualities that make it stand out as the most suitable to give to girls.

The purchase of this model includes as an accessory a good size bag so that the girls can transport different objects while playing, even on the street, in addition, the car itself comes with a basket at the bottom and has a cloak, Make your features much more realistic.

The design of this model is lilac and has prints in different shades of pink and purple that combine very well with each other and make it more beautiful before the eyes of the little ones in the house.

The general characteristics of Bayer Design 13094AA are that this car can be folded and transformed into a small size, which makes it easy to store in different
places when girls are no longer playing with him. The car can also be adjusted to a minimum height of 35cm so it can easily be used by girls 2 years and older, and within this can be placed dolls of regular size, up to 46cm in height.

This model is specially designed for smaller girls, being recommended from 2 years old and up
It has a bag not so small that girls can use for different occasions

Maybe it’s a bit small for girls of high stature

5. Bayer Desing 18154 AA Review

Another great design and excellent option to give to girls is this model. The doll car Bayer Desing 18154 AA is a beautiful toy made of high-quality materials. You can get it in a navy blue color with white dots and pink ribbons, which give it a special touch and make it a product that girls of different ages can use.

This car has a special feature and is that the handles can change direction, so girls decide if their doll can go looking in the direction of the street or towards them, also this includes some accessories such as a bag that can be used for different occasions

The design of this model is based on giving girls a more realistic option to go for a walk with their dolls as a mom would do with her baby. This is why this car has some features such as a cloak that protects babies from the sun or a net at the bottom to place different objects.
In general, this product can be used by girls from 4 years of age onwards, since it can be adjusted to the height of this through sliding little necroses from 59cm to 79cm.

Available for girls from 4 years old
The car is foldable and can be stored in different places
It has a lightweight so girls of any age can use it

Does not include manual to assemble parts and assemble the car

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