Best Electric Scooters for Children 2018

When we think of an electronic scooter, several things can come to mind, from scooters, scooters with handlebars or those that are newer, scooters that work with only the impulse of the body and work electronically.

Previously, children’s games were to a certain extent rudimentary, electronic toys were a luxury that few people could afford and the most common was for children to play with marbles, kites, jump ropes, ball bearings, children’s scooters, to mention just a few. of the best known.

However, at present, with the technological advance, if not all the toys, the vast majority now operate electronically.

Having endless toys to choose from among race tracks, musical instruments, dinosaurs, wrestlers, cars for children, scooters and clear electric scooters for children, we can say that children play in a much more sophisticated way than we did.

What are electric scooters for children?

When talking about electric scooters for children, we can think of many things, previously in some Latin American countries it was simply known as “skate devil” and had nothing electrical, while others knew it and to date, they know it as a scooter.

However, there are different types of scooters, within which we can catalog the famous “Segway”, those means of transport that we saw practically in all commercial spaces being used by security guards while giving their routines and the reality is that these They were the first step to reach the electric scooters.

However, the Segways were initially designed for adults, and the scooters too, which left a large and demanding market neglected the children’s market. That’s why the companies started working on all kinds of children’s scooters and for all ages.

How do electric scooters for children work?

These scooters work in a very interesting way, in such a way that they make it seem that using them is extremely easy, which is not entirely true, especially if we are talking about a children’s electric scooter since it is the user who controls them.

Although electric scooters for children and the public in general are able to balance to avoid accidents, this is done by sensors that detect the movement of the user, either with inclinations forward, back or wanting to turn somewhere.

But how is it that an electric scooter for children can turn? It is a fairly reasonable question if we consider that it only has two wheels and there are some that can not be manipulated by a handlebar or steering wheel as it is done with bicycles, motorcycles and cars.

Unlike a car where in some way the front wheels are connected, like the rear, on an electric scooter, these are independent, each depends on a different engine, so when the user exerts more or less pressure on a side, or it is inclined – almost as when a boat is rowed – one wheel follows instructions while the other adapts to the movement of the scooter.

Parts of electric scooters for children

The operation of the best electric scooter for children would not be possible without all the mechanisms that account and is that, to start, these scooters have two wheels connected to two different engines, which must be small and light enough to keep the Ergonomic design that characterizes this artifact.

Another element of this “toy” and probably the most important is the gyroscope, whose main function is to maintain the balance of the scooter, it is a kind of sensor able to detect when it changes direction in order to balance and direct it towards the right side.

For its part, the gyroscope is composed of other parts a bit more complex as the magnetic sensors that react to the movement of the wheels and all this is controlled by a CPU, that is, as the computers. In the market there is so much variety, that there are even electric scooters with a saddle for children which are rare.

Special features of electric scooters for children

Nowadays, with the technological advance that has been in recent years, an electric scooter may not seem very important, but let’s think again when we had seen a means of transport-because at the end of the day it transports us from a point to another- that increased its speed with the simple fact of leaning forward and braking if we did the opposite. There was no such thing and better still that could only turn with moving our body a little to one side or another without any type of steering wheel or handlebar.

Previously we had to make use of one of our feet to accelerate, brake and direct even the best scooter for children one that worked practically only was not something easy to conceive.
On the other hand, the speed that these can reach is really formidable, up to 12 kilometers per hour, if we think of electric scooters for children of 9 years or less we are practically talking about a maximum speed.

Safety measures for electric scooters

Although today there is no road regulation for electric scooters, it is important to consider that, although it is a toy, a scooter is also a means of transport, so it is extremely important to take the necessary precautions when doing use him.

To begin with, we must consider that not only can we risk ourselves but others, so it is important to use electric scooters in places that are intended for use, parks, cycle tracks, to name a few.
It is also of utmost importance that for the safety of the child never use an electric scooter on roads frequented by cars, as these are not made for high-speed roads and an accident could take place.

To avoid this, it is also important to always have safety equipment, such as a helmet and knee pads, these are essential when using an electric scooter.

How to choose the best electric scooter for children?

Choosing the best scooter for children is definitely a difficult job to review between safety measures and finding the best value for money is something that definitely requires some research and time.

Finding inexpensive children’s scooters could be easy since there is a wide variety of products on the market, but finding cheap electric scooters for children is probably a bit more complicated, as it is a relatively new product.

However, despite being a difficult task, it is not an impossible task, as long as you search in the right places, without a doubt you can make the best purchase decision.

But what other things, besides the price, must be taken into account before buying a scooter, a clear example are the safety elements that it has, since some of the scooters for children already have their own helmet, Elbow pads or knee pads, but more importantly, some have emergency brakes , which can be very useful.

Tips for using the electric scooter for children

As we have discussed above, children’s scooters may seem very easy to use, so what advice could we give to the use of them? Well pay close attention because these could be very useful.
Age : When buying an electric scooter for children it is very important to read the box since it will tell you the range of ages for which the scooter is designed, take into account that the size of a 6-year-old child will not be the same than that of a 12-year-old child, so the design and support change.

Instructions : The instructions should be read before using a scooter for children, as there are some that are not designed to be used on the lawn, to mention an example.

Individual : Remember that electric scooters are designed for individual use, so under no circumstances should more than one person ride at a time.

Weight : It is very important not to exceed the weight indicated for each of the electric scooters for children, as this could not only damage the scooter, but could also atrophy the operation of the scooter, causing it to not react in the way it should. This, in addition to being annoying, could cause an accident.

For children : Electric scooters for children are designed for children only, so the fact that an adult person climbs could damage the scooter.

Safety : As we discussed earlier, safety measures are essential when using an electric scooter, especially when it comes to children, so it is very important not only to see it as a toy, but to take it with the responsibility that it deserves .

1. Razor 13173802 Review

Razor is a company that has focused on making the best travel experience a reality, where it combines state-of-the-art technology with innovation and materials that make it possible to design resistant products for users. Now it comes to innovate with a green electric super scooter that will help any user to move and have fun with him, setting new standards in the field of electric scooters. Some characteristics of the product are the following:

Engine:It has a cube engine for efficient driving without any need for any additional maintenance.
Battery : a 12-volt rechargeable battery that can have a continuous performance of 80 minutes and reaches speeds of 16 KM / H.
Weight : In addition to having an easy-to-use ergonomic steel frame and fork, supporting 54 kg maximum.
Age : Specific for a sector of ages of 8 years and older, the colors available are green and pink.
Specifications : The approximate weight of the product is 10 kg consisting of dimensions of 82 x 40 x 91 cm.
Others : Includes battery and also requires a partial assembly easy to assemble
Next, we will mention some pros and cons of the product so that you can make the best decision before purchasing the product, which has a cost within the range of the competition.

It has very good performance.
Battery performance is excellent for users.
Reaches the speed set in the specifications.

Sometimes the handlebar is not very adaptable for people over 12 years old.
It does not have an extension of the handlebar to be used for the public.
Does not have a cushioning system or rubber tires.
It is not a folding scooter so saving it can cause problems for some of the users.

2. Homcom ESAA1-046PK0731 Review

Homcom is a company that is dedicated to the construction and manufacture of household appliances consisting of high-quality products and fun for end users. One of the most famous products of the company is the scooter Foldable electric type, ideal for children over 7 years.
Annex we leave you some specifications of the product so that you know of the benefits that you can acquire of it:

Material : The material with which it is built is made of very solid and stable steel, consisting of a total dimension of 81.5 x 86 x 96 cm
Capacity : It has a load capacity of up to 70 kg
Battery : It has 2 batteries of 12 volts and 4.5 AH, power of 120 W reaching speeds of up to 12 km per hour
Performance : Battery performance is 6 to 8 hours with the battery fully charged reaching distances of 10 to 15 km
Motor : It has a high-performance motor that guarantees high speed
Specifications : The product is equipped with an adjustable handlebar from 86 to 96 cm high so that it can meet the needs of any user
Below, we will mention some pros and cons of the product so you can make the best decision before buying this product whose price is economical compared to the competition.

It has folding which is good for the protection of the equipment
Supports loads greater than specifications
It is easy to use and the materials are resistant
It has very good quality and resistance

Sometimes the strap is not strong enough
It has a separate charger
It has low efficiency
Speed is low

3. VidaXL Mini Review

VidaXL It is a company that has the highest quality siding products to provide users with unforgettable experiences, one of its main products is the Mini electric scooter for a sports sector aimed at children.

Some of the specifications of the component or scooter are as follows.

Color : The colors that this device has for the children’s sector is that it has the colors black and red
Dimensions : Its dimensions are 74 x 30 x 86 centimeters
Capacity : It has a minimum load capacity of 50kg
Wheels : 13.75 cm tires
Engine : 120 w and an excellent performance of 12 kilometers per hour
Age : It is recommended that the product be used by infants 6 years and older due to the speed reached by the article
Brakes: High performance for safety
Performance : From the battery 3 to 4 hours
Quality : High quality bearings
We append some pros and cons of the product so you can make the best decision in case you want to buy the product whose price is the most competitive in the market.

Cheap price for users
It has good support for users
It is ergonomic and comfortable for the children’s sector
Ergonomic and noise-free bearings
Easy handling for infants
Excellent braking system and safety accessories
Meets all specified safety standards

The specified weight of the product is usually lower
It is not foldable which causes difficulty in the users for the protection of the component
The materials usually have problems with time
The speed is less than the specified
Low battery performance

4. Moma Bikes 5546903430834 Review

Moma Bikes is a brand highly recognized by the wide range of bicycles that it has handled over the years, recently, it has also ventured into the world of electric scooters, which have been very popular among the brand’s customers.

The electric scooter for children of the brand Moma Bike, model 556903430834 has a handlebar and the following characteristics:

Folding : This electric scooter for children is foldable which is extremely convenient to save it without taking up much space
Speed : The maximum speed that can reach this electric scooter for children is 12 kilometers per hour
Weight : The Moma Bike brand electric scooter weighs only 10 kilograms and supports the additional 75 kg
Color : The color of this electric scooter for children is black
Charging Time : 4 hours are required to reach the maximum load of this electric scooter
The electric scooter for children of the brand Moma Bikes, model 556903430834 has a cost well below the competition and has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Rechargeable battery
Foldable, for easy storage
Tolerates up to 75 kilograms
It has an intelligent charger that stops consuming energy once the battery is complete
The battery lasts a long time without recharging
It’s easy and quick to put together

The more weight you have on top, the less efficient it is
It is fragile, so the strap and handlebar can easily break
The materials are not strong enough, especially the plastic that protects the wheels, this can be damaged quickly
The life cycle is not as long as that of other electric scooters for children

5. Razor 13173843 Review

Razor is an internationally recognized brand for the large number of “toys” that it has been handling for several years, from bicycles to electric scooters for more equipped children, this is one of the favorite brands of the general public, not only because of the variety of their products but for the accessibility of them.

The Razor 13173843, is an electric scooter for children with the handlebar for greater control and has the following characteristics:

Color : The color of the Razor 13173843 is electric blue ideal for both boys and girls who love this color
Durability : The battery of this electric scooter for children lasts up to 80 continuous minutes
Engine : The engine has such technology that does not require maintenance during its lifetime
Battery : The battery of this electric scooter for children is rechargeable, so the user does not have to worry about getting more special batteries, besides being extremely ecological
Speed : This electric scooter for children, is for those slightly larger as it reaches up to 18 kilometers per hour
Brake : The brake is accessed manually as it is placed on the handlebar which makes it safer
Age : Designed for children from 8 years old, supports a weight of up to 55 kilograms
The Razor 13173843 has a cost within the range of the competition and has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Rechargeable battery
Operation of 80 continuous minutes
Handle of stainless steel with rubber on the handles that support the heat

The lifetime is very short compared to the competition
Once the engine breaks down, it is very difficult to rescue the scooter

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